About AD8BC

I’ve been interested in electronics since I was ten years old and wandered into a Radio Shack at the mall.  In 1989, when I was 14, I passed my Novice amateur radio exam (KB9DTK) and then I passed my General and Extra in 2000 and became AD8BC.  bravocharlie, the name of my blog, comes from the phonetics of the last two letters in my callsign.  Which were based on my initials.  That’s about as creative as I get.  Don’t expect much more.

I have worked for Siemens (or companies that they have purchased) for almost 17 years now as an industrial automation and controls engineer.  I primarily design and program the controls for parcel and postal sortation systems.  If you’ve ever shipped a package on a brown and yellow truck or a purple and white truck, I’ve likely had a part in getting it to where it was supposed to go.  You’re welcome.

This blog will have interesting stuff (well to me, anyway) about ham radio and electronics.  Some of it may even be original!  Much of it will be non-original things that I think are cool.  You may or may not agree.  Feel free to pipe in and let me know!


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