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Ham TV: W5KUB webcast with “Arduino and Ham Radio” author Glen Popeil KW5GP

Tom Medlin W5KUB is probably best known for the many years of his live web broadcasts from the Dayton Hamvention where those unfortunately unable to make it to Mecca Hara Arena in Dayton each May could watch the Hamvention from their own home.  Tom and his crew lately have been branching out to cover other special Amateur Radio events such as the K6H special event station on the set of Last Man Standing in Hollywood in September.  Now Tom has created his own special event — an interview with Glen Popeil KW5GP, author of the new book “Arduino for Ham Radio” published by the ARRL.  I did miss the live broadcast — but Tom has put the video up on his archive page.  I’m kind of skimming through the video segments looking for the “good” parts. Oh – and special guest John Amodeo NN6JA, producer of ABC’s “Last Man Standing” makes a special appearance too.

I will probably pick up a copy of Glen’s new book, and I am hoping that it was much better prepared than the last ARRL-published microcontroller book that I purchased (“PIC Programming for Beginners“) which was published prematurely, poorly edited, and some of the PIC programmer parts were not even available by the time it was published. I’m serious, it was an unmitigated disaster–click here to visit the Amazon page and scroll down to the reviews.  This one was my review.  I met the author of that book the next year in Dayton and found out that he was as disappointed in it as I was and that there were publishing and marketing snafus.  Anyway, I’m willing to give the new Arduino book a chance.  The book is available direct from the ARRL or Amazon or probably your favorite book seller.


(published from DFW, Texas)