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Cool video: A playable record made from a tortilla

An actual laser cut tortilla that will play the Mexican Hat Dance when played on a turntable. (Photo credit: Instructables user [UpgradeTech]

Did you know you could make a record from a tortilla and play it on a turntable?  Why would you want to do this, you may ask?  Because… laser cutter!

Last night while cruising Instructables I found “Make a Working Playable Tortilla Record with a Laser Cutter” by Instructables user [UpgradeTech].   The Instructible describes all of the steps, from choosing the perfect tortilla to converting the music files into the laser cutter files.  I’ll spare you all of this–you can read it if you want–but I will play the video.  Because it’s cool.

Published from DFW, Texas

Hamfest Review: HAM-COM 2015 in Irving, Texas

2015 Ham-Com, the first to be held at the Irving Convention Center (AD8BC Photo)

For the first time in a number of years I was able to attend Ham-Com.  The Dallas-Fort Worth area has been host to this popular ham radio convention for 38 years.  Over the years this gathering has been held in Arlington and Plano, and this year it found a new home at the beautiful Irving Convention Center. Read more