Hams In Space: Samantha Cristoforetti IZ1UDF is new ISS resident Amateur Radio operator

Amateur Radio Newsline report 1946 for November 28 (Audio (@5:15)|Text) reports that Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti IZ1UDF has safely arrived at the International Space Station:

Ham radio has returned at the International Space Station.
This with the arrival of European Space Agency
Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, eye-zed-one-U-D-F, after a
5 hour and 45 minute trip that began at the Bikenour
Cosmodrone in Kazakhstan.

Cristoforetti made the trip along with United States
Astronaut Terry Virts and Russian Cosmonaut Anton
Shkaplerov. The three new arrivals were welcomed to the
orbiting outpost by Commander Barry Wilmore along with
Cosmonauts Yelena Serova and Alexander Samokutyaev. Virts,
Shkaplerov, and Cristoforetti will remain aboard the station
until mid-May. The current crew I slated to return to Earth
in early March.

(Published from DFW, Texas)

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