Who knew?: Sir Mix-A-Lot likes big bootys and 8 bit microprocessors

Were you aware that Sir Mix-A-Lot, known for liking big butts, is also an electrical engineer?  According to a rap battle he participated in on Twitter last year with Mouser Electronics and Atmel, he also “likes his MOSFETs wide and juicy”:

It is still unconfirmed if he is/was also a ham radio operator.  The rumor mill states that he held N6IWP (under his real name Anthony Ray) but let it lapse in 2011.  However, the birth date of this licensee was a couple of years off, and a Google Street View of the station license address doesn’t seem like it would be the abode of one Mr. Mix-A-Lot.  HOWEVER, according to an Entertainment Weekly article in 2002, he owns (owned?) a ham radio parts company in Seattle:

No need to weep at the strains of ”Baby Got Back”: Despite reports to the contrary, its author isn’t toiling as a repairman. Actually, the 38-year-old MC employs five workers at RC Electronics, a Seattle area ham-radio-parts manufacturing biz he launched in 1994. ”It’s not gonna make anywhere near the money music is making me, but it’s something to fall back on,” says Mix-A-Lot (né Anthony Ray).

The world may never know….


(Published from Chicago, IL)

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